Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Power of Showing Up

“Mom, do me a favor and don’t ever just give up, ok?” “Ok, giving up isn’t really my thing…” “Yeah, I know. I know it’s hard right now with school and things.” “Thanks, E. Are you worried I’m going to give up?” “No, maybe, I dunno. It’s good that you’re asking for support, I like […]

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Things Unsaid

I am having a moment. Fuck. I’m transcribing the interviews from my thesis fieldwork, and while there is a lot of words to capture, there are also a lot of silences. It’s interesting to me, that when the person is speaking and their thoughts are flowing, I can hear myself in the audio making little […]

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement

I was on the phone with my dad, mostly talking about the weather. And not in that humdrum pass the time kind of way, no, we actually like to talk about the weather. Even when we don’t mean to, our conversations drift toward storm patterns and new measuring instruments. This time I was talking about […]

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Homework & Horizons

This morning, I’m still in bed, one arm flung over my face, I hear C’s voice: “Mom, what is the horizon?┬áMom, what is the vanishing point?┬áMom, how many points of perspective can an artist have?” “Uh you wanna bring me some coffee?” I know there is a tinge of pleading in my voice. The boys […]

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