1 hour Coaching Session

Individual sessions allow you to get customized parenting advice.

Let's talk!

I am available for individual coaching sessions in person, over the phone or via Skype.

It's not easy to make it out to a class or workshop, I understand how difficult coordinating a household schedule can be. If you need some support, I am happy to make myself available for you.

Before we meet for a session, I'll ask you to provide some contextual information. What are the unique variables to your family that I need to take into consideration? What are you challenged by right now? What area of sexual health are you feeling confused, concerned or overwhelmed by? Who are the people involved in your situation? Once I have this background knowledge I am then prepared to be your coach.

I structure coaching sessions so that when we end, you have a specific strategy in place.

I may refer you to more resources, but the ultimate goal is for you to new tools in hand, feeling confident that you can move forward.




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