Coaching, Counseling and Consulting

Parent Coaching

I work with parents to understand what their needs are, what their strengths are, and where they are feeling blocked, all to strategize actions to support their particular family.

My coaching helps parents understand what their values around sexuality are and how to teach and live them. We get to define our unique version sex-positivity! 

My goal with coaching parents is always to reduce the awkward. Together, we can identify the gap between what do you wish you could teach your kids about gender and sexuality versus what is it that you are actually modeling to them? Closing that gap allows parents to be their whole selves while showing their children how to be whole too.


What my clients say:

“Airial emanates groundedness mixed with compassion, truth, and confidence. The conversations I have had with her around parenting issues have been very helpful. I’m a satisfied client.” Jennifer Barbato

“Airial is an amazing mentor, she is wise and sensible. She understands where you are coming from and how to effectively communicate with your children. There is a certain temperament that makes a person helpful in translating how to communicate the delicate relationship with your child and the discussion of sex and their body. All the schooling in the world can’t create an exceptional counselor, that comes from her innate natural emotional openness and her eagerness to help you on your family journey.” Kelly Younger, mother of two.

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Sexual Health Counseling

I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based parenting expert and sexologist. After receiving a bachelor’s  degree in both Anthropology and English Literature at U.C. Berkeley, I was offered admission to the only Human Sexuality Master’s program in the U.S. at San Francisco State University. I earned my M.A. by conducting original research on racial identity, parenting and sexuality in 2012. I am currently a student in the Interchange Institute’s year long Counseling Certification program. 10922612_10101460472418363_5710046952806724659_n

As a sexual health counselor, I am available to process your challenges with sexuality, intimacy and relationships with you. What is keeping you from having the sexual vibrancy you want in your life? Let’s work that out together! For me, counseling is all about connection. I bring the power of gentle, loving kindness in a supportive environment for you to let your walls down and explore what is holding you back. I love working with other parents as they navigate their multiple roles. I bring an intersectional awareness to all of my counseling sessions. Your sexual health matters, I am here to help.

Business Coaching and Consulting

1922203_10103702063232413_1649438742276859688_nI graduated from UC Berkeley when my sons were 6 and 7 years old. I then went on to a social justice based graduate program to research sexuality and gender. I have finished all of my educational goals on time while being a single parent. I share this with you so that you understand the capacity I have to get things done. In 2012, I launched The Sex-Positive Parent with a url and a dream. Today, I am the premier expert on sex-positive parenting, working with parents and professionals all over the world. I lead workshops, teach classes and speak at conferences throughout the U.S.

As both a business coach and consultant, I have helped other brave change makers bring their projects to life. I specialize in new media projects, sex-positive businesses and other sexuality educators. As your coach, I will work with you on a personal level, providing insight and reflection. As your consultant, we will craft your action plan, set deadlines and perform the logistical analysis required for your success.  I am a social media maven and communications expert, so let’s get your name out there and your message heard so you can attract the clients you’ve been searching for.

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