Parent Coaching

This whole project is a response to a demand made by parents that I’ve interacted with over years and years. I have a toe in many different communities and consistently I hear, “We need a resource, we need some guidance, from a parent who understands sexuality” I’ve been the parent that other parents reach out to for advice for a long time. I’m very matter of fact, and other parents appreciate it. I know how important it is for parent’s to get information from other parents. I am clearly a mother who is in the midst of raising children and navigating the social expectations of sexuality.

My goal with coaching parents is always to identify the gap between what do you wish you could say to your kids about sexuality and what is it that you are actually saying to them? Closing that gap allows parents to be their whole selves while showing their children how to be whole too.

Sliding scale consultations are available over the phone and via Skype.

Please email me at for rates and availability.

You can also hire me to:

  • Speak to any audience about sexuality & gender issues; I am especially excited to speak to LGBTQ families.

  • Manage your social media presence and community outreach to specific alternative sexuality communities

  • Lead a sexuality, gender or sex-positive parenting workshop

  • Facilitate group discussions and panels on sexuality issues

  • Train service providers, other educators and parents to effectively communicate sexuality issues

  • Write a sexuality curriculum, article, column or blog post

  • Be interviewed as an expert about sexuality or gender; especially the intersection of sexuality and marginalized identities, family structure and non-monogamy.

  • Provide support for community initiatives; including anti-racism efforts within alternative sexual identity groups.

 To book a coaching session or inquire about my services, email