Upcoming Courses and Workshops

June 15th 2013, Mosswood Park’s First Annual PAPAPALOOZA!

Weyland Southon from KPFA’s Father Figures, Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad, A Zine on Radical Parenting and Airial Clark of the Sex-Positive Parent are delighted to be organizing an event celebrating all of our families on June 15th at Mosswood Park in Oakland; we’re calling the event PAPAPALOOZA.

Fore more info, like our amazing list of children’s book readers, DJ’s and participating parenting organizations, click here!

The Sex-Positive Parenting Online Series beginning April 15th, 2013

A series of 5 weekly 45-minute interactive online workshops with the overarching title of Sex-Positive Parenting; Strategies and Support for Families. Each workshop is stand alone with a specific focus, but taken together are a comprehensive curriculum. Being a sex-positive parent means we expect to be the family expert on sexuality. In this series of workshop, you will learn how to maintain a non-punitive stance toward sexuality, demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about sexuality, and how to model boundaries and consent.

Online Course: “Walking the Sex-Positive Talk”

This video workshop is designed for parents who want to learn how to convey their own lived experiences of both gender and sexuality to their own children. Learn how you can replace larger cultural scripts that are inherently sex-negative with age-appropriate messages that are inclusive to sexual diversity.

Online Course and discussion group: “What to say and When to say it”

Strategies for age-appropriate conversations about sexuality and desire. Learn the different developmental stages of sexuality and what conversations you can expect to have as your child grows. We will also role play, practice and share strategies on when to have the little conversations that add up to a solid foundation of sexuality education.


Prior Workshop Attendee Testimonials:

“Amazing job today! Thank you for answering the questions most people can’t put into words. Thank you for putting yourself out there in such an authentic and open way!”


“We LOVED it! So glad I get the chance to learn from someone who has really studied and considered so many aspects of this…THANKS!”


“Airial was brilliant and wonderful in her presentation on sex positive parenting… Yes, the is very helpful and informative for both parents and non parents in developing ideas and strategies that help you talk with your child about the confusing messages about families structures, sexual, identity, and attractiveness.”