Stormy eyed clarity

It’s unusual to see the Sugar Moon- the full moon of March- in Northern California. Mostly because the skies are usually overcast in March. But the night of the full moon was clear. The night was still. Barely any breeze at all. Like the sky was holding it’s breath. I climbed the stairs to the top floor of our building and leaned against the railing, almost feeling like the moon and I were eye-to-eye, “See me,” I said, not blinking as I made my wish.

I’ve wished on the full moon many times. Traditions that start when you’re a kid and you don’t quite know why. There’s that big bright shape in the sky that I can’t not smile at. I was the kid who really believed that the moon was following me. I’ve thought of it as a smile, as a dragon’s eye, as the blade of scimitar, as an egg, and now finally, as an ally.

Can’t help it. It feels natural to me to make wishes, to state an intention and lay bare my fears and desires to something so much bigger than me. The colors of the moon change. What we can see, what we can’t, what separates us, it’s always both shifting and constant.

I like that. It’s like the clouds. Like the wind and rain in Northern California.¬†We haven’t had enough rain this winter. And I’m missing the storms. That’s the thing about California weather, we don’t have to be afraid of storms the way other parts of the country have to. Storms here are friendly for the most part. Enjoyable. Brief. The cold is never too cold and the wind is never too fierce. It feels like winter never came. And that doesn’t sit well with me. Though I know that the Spring storms will be more complicated, and that excites me. Still, the winds haven’t felt right this year. The rains never came.

But the lack of clouds allowed a window to the moon. I haven’t wished on a Sugar Moon in a very long time. The sweet moon. I had a heartfelt ask at the forefront of my mind and the wish came out simply. Three words. And I’m happy to receive the wish any way the universe grants it. That’s part of the deal. I get to ask, but then let go. I have the desire and the universe does the rest. I just have to accept it.

Stormy eyed clarity