My moon/mood/madness

We’re all a bit mad aren’t we? Alright so last week it was Wonder Woman, this week it’s Grace Jones… the woman I wanted to be before I knew about gender, let alone gender bending. There’s something about a smile that looks like it could swallow a full moon.

The moon that’s in the sky right this minute is shining like a disco ball in a car port. I’ve given up pretending I’m not losing my shit. Stand back and be awed by what I’m about to pull out of my sleeve. This is the courage needed to break through to the other side of too many important obligations. The moment when I choose me over everything. Choosing me has never let me down. Ever.

I also start chain smoking stogies. So if you wanna kick it, bring a cigar as an offering. I’m healthy, except for the occasional pork indulgence and the love of smooth n spicy thickness between my teeth as I tap tap tap a new masterpiece into being.

These are the moments when I feel like I have to write this shit down. Even I won’t believe this when I get older. You did what when and how did you pull that off?

I can’t imagine a me that didn’t know Grace Jones existed. And that, is a beautiful fucking thing.

I think silver eyebrows are exactly what I should be rocking.

My moon/mood/madness