Author: Airial


Tonight the Orionid meteors blaze through the sky, but I’m too tired tonight to stay up and see them. And I’m totally ok with that; had a long weekend. I watched the sunrise three mornings in a row. Watched Mama


I have this sticker on my laptop, it says, “You Are Loved” and originally it was for the benefit of my fellow coffee shop dwellers, typing away on their own laptops. I imagined how nice it might be for someone

My Gifts

When I was a kid I was labeled as gifted. This was the year I went to an elementary school around the corner from my grandparents house, the same elementary school my dad went to. I even had the same

Yes ALL Women

I am so sad for the families mourning their children right now. I would be a complete mess if either of my sons lives were cut short in any circumstance. I’m so excited for them to grow up and begin