Psst Here’s a Secret- We Deserve To Get Off As Much As We Want

Yeah, I get it. You’re busy and sex might not be a priority over doing the dishes, getting lunches together, paying the bills, and the hundreds of other tasks that make up your mile-long to-do list. But here’s the thing: If every time you’re graced with an hour to two to yourself and you choose to spend it watching TV, you might be comfortable. However, what benefits are you really getting out of that time?

woman making a hush gesture

I know, time enjoyed isn’t time wasted or however the saying goes, but if you’re trying to turn your mind off, having sex is a great way to do so. Also, you’ll be connecting with your partner, something that’s all the more important when intimacy seems to be falling by the wayside.

So why aren’t more parents choosing to spend their free time between the sheets? Other than a hectic schedule, there’s a little hangup that not many people are talking about: For many parents, especially ones that are constantly busy and on the go, it can be downright difficult to let go during sex and even more difficult to reach orgasm. As a result, some people find it almost a hassle to try. As points out, many are stuck in the mindset that it’s simply “easier” to focus on your partner finishing, rather than both of you.

Now, say it with me: “I deserve to get off too.” Alright so maybe don’t say it out loud if you’re in a crowded room or something but you get the picture.

Lucky for you, the world is full of people who have either experienced the same problem or invented things to help others avoid them. Not only can a toy put a little spark back into your bedroom life, but it can make orgasming much, much easier for those that have had previous difficulties.

If you’re thinking “Ew sex toys?”‚ÄîNo. Shhh…shhh…just no. Relinquish the ideas you got about sex from watching The Waltons and let me hold your hand through the wonderful world of intense orgasms, a more satisfying sex life, and a rejuvenated intimacy with your partner.

According to, there are specially created a toys that are perfect for parents in that they’re both discreet and quiet. Not that any toys these days sound like revving up a leaf blower or anything, but you certainly won’t have to worry about waking anyone up (as long as you can contain yourself!).

An article from points out how much having a toy to help you orgasm will take the pressure off not only your partner, but you as well. A lot of people tend to feel inadequate if they cannot make their partner orgasm during sex. A toy allows you both to relax and relieves you both of a little of the responsibility.

For those who don’t have a lot of experience with toys, I usually recommend starting off with something such as the Waterproof Finger Vibrator. The powerful toy will stimulate your clitoris during sex, and its small design allows for uninhibited pleasure that won’t impose on your partner’s experience. Worn by you or your partner, the added clitoral stimulation during vaginal sex is sure to help you reach orgasm faster. And with the waterproof design, you can catch a quicky late at night before bed or even during a morning shower together.

We may have been blessed with a lot of different erogenous zones, but unfortunately our partners, they have to pick and choose which ones to focus on at any given time during sex. Depending on your position, they can’t support themselves, support your body, caress your breasts, tease your nipples, slap your butt, stimulate your clit, pull your hair, and whatever else you might be into all at once. Unless you’re dating an octopus, you’ve probably already had to let them know which areas rank as your favorites. However, if you’re looking for a little more a full body experience during intimacy, using a product such as mini nipple suckers will allow your parnter to focus on other areas of your body while this handy little toy does its thing. And of course, they’re tiny, silent, and discreet, so the only thing you have to focus on is the fun.

There is also something to be said for the classic go-to vibrator. All of the toys you can use when you’re partner isn’t available, but a vibrator allows for penetration as well as external stimulation. As points out, it’s also been proven that the increased frequency of orgasms can make them easier to achieve, because your body is “trained” more and has an ingrained memory to reach that point. Doing some solo exploration can be just as beneficial to your sex life with your partner as it is pleasurable for you.

Being open to new things can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Give one of these toys a try next time you’re looking to spice things up. You might miss the premier of your latest show, but I’m willing to bet that after using one of these, you won’t mind in the slightest.


Psst Here’s a Secret- We Deserve To Get Off As Much As We Want