Winter Solstice 2009

I remember…

Pressing my forehead against the glass wall as the wind hurled the rain against the window.

Leaning on the floor to ceiling pane, willing the swirling storm to envelope me.

Looking over the water at the dense clouds hiding the city from my view.

Longing to be at the center of that mass…

Feeling my namesake creep into my being; spirit that brings the storm.

Knowing a swirling mass of clouds is where I should be spending the Solstice.

Arriving at the deserted sand, the new moon a yellow smile just above the black horizon.

Laughing into the wind as the sparks from the bonfire raced down the beach.

Taking off my armor, removing the protection layer by layer.

Presenting my unadorned self to the elements; earth, air, fire and water.

Listening to their movements both bold and subtle; crashing wave, shifting sand, hissing spark, howling wind.


Winter Solstice 2009
  • Bree

    Beautiful image Airial.