Valentine’s Day Give Away! Enter to win a Lovehoney Prize Pack!

Check it out parents, how much do I love you?

Recently I was asked to contribute some sexpert advice for on how to heat up your Valentine’s Day. This is what I said:

“Parents, especially single parents, do not under estimate the erotic potential of a good sexting session. You can spell out your desires in quick text blasts letting your partner know what devious deeds are on your mind without curious ears listening in. It’s easy to get caught up in Valentine’s Day ‘must haves’ but really, all you need is your phone and willing partner. Start the naughty messages (maybe even a sexy pic) up at work, keep the back and forth going during your commute and then bring it all home. Don’t worry about being a romance novelist, just be honest.” – The Sex-Positive Parent, Airial Clark MA

Not bad, huh? You should check out the whole list, lots of great advice from well respected sexperts.

It got me to thinking, though. It would be great if parents shared their sexy success strategies with each other here. SO as an incentive to get y’all talking to each other, I’ve partnered with to sweeten the deal!

What advice, based on your experience as a sex-positive parent, can you share? Tell us a brief story in the comments and enter to win this Sexier Life Starter Pack!

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A winner will be chosen with on February 14, Valentine’s Day  (Available to US and UK residents only.)

Get to sharing!!!

Valentine’s Day Give Away! Enter to win a Lovehoney Prize Pack!
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  • Mama K

    My advice to other parents is to really enjoy every moment. Whether you’re coupled or not we tend to be so rushed with the everyday stuff we don’t take the time to breathe and just appreciate. Do it on V-day or any day, just take some time to love yourself too … like Rupaul says, “if you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love anybody else!” <3

  • Satyajeet Monica Avila-Green

    Let’s be real, time is not something parents have lots of, so I rely on quickies to get me off! Not to say that making love (having real time to explore) is not appreciated, but it’s just not that realistic in my crazy Mama-life. In my humble opinion, quickies are under-rated. They can be spontaneous, fun and hella sexy, and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Quickies give me the spark and smiles I need at the start of a crazy morning; have given me a reason to come home for lunch; and have helped me relieve stress at the end of a long day.

    So, forget the hetero-normative marketing hype of Valentine’s Day and the pressure to make everything “perfect”… cause at the end of the day what parents really need is to feel sexy, appreciated and loved.

  • Myssie Casinghino

    One of the best thing my partner and I did for our sex life is to get a white noise machine. Don’t laugh, our kids are quite young it soothes them. While at the same time we’re free to be (somewhat) uninhibited. It frees up that part of us that was being taken out of the moment, thinking…”did I moan too loudly?” or “Oh no, could they hear me say cock?”
    My partner and I can focus on each other fully. Which is necessary when a small child could knock on the locked door at any moment!

  • Kristin McCoy

    My partner and I were in a long-distance relationship for 2 years before moving in together. While living apart, we began a very healthy sexting relationship. We would send sexy pictures or pictures of things we would like to do to each other. Now that we live together, we do it still. I’ll send him pictures while we’re at work and then continue throughout the evening until the kids are asleep, then we act them out. It’s awesome!

  • Melissa

    I was a single mother until about a year and a half ago, when I found the most wonderful man who treats my son like his own. When we first started dating, he would be afraid to kiss me in front of my son, wanting to respect my feelings. But, as a sex-positive parent, I feel that it is important for my son to see what a healthy relationship entails. My advice is don’t be afraid to show affection and healthy emotions in front of your children (nothing graphic), but keep it real. Our relationship is authentic and it makes every day special.

  • RB83

    Q: What advice, based on your experience as a sex-positive parent, can you share?

    Never forget that you two came first…not that your needs trump all, but make your partner’s primacy a given. If they catch you kissing & embracing followed by an “Ewwwww – gross!” you’re
    doing a good job.

    And once they are old enough to survive unsupervised and able to get their own breakfasts, etc., having them discover a locked master bedroom door on a weekend morning is a good thing – as
    is ‘mommy & daddy are going to take a nap…’ on a Sunday afternoon!!

  • Katie Karaca

    When I found out my husband had to leave to France for over 2 weeks for work, I dug my heals into the ground and pouted! How was I supposed to handle 3 kids with my 13 hr work days alone? Even after we lined up the extra help, I still pouted: I had to face my own reality that I just wanted him here and was being selfish. … So now he is in France and I have to say, I have never been so excited about seeing him!!! All of the Skyping, sexting, and emailing has got my anticipation levels so high that I am actually enjoying missing him and thinking about him! The distance has helped us learn to appreciate one another for our relationship and knowing that we have to wait this long for sex is making it that much more exciting. So I guess the moral of my comment is, we often spend a lot of time working on how to fix things and make them better, but if you just embrace the situation you are dealt, something better may follow which you would have missed otherwise.

  • Nicole

    My biggest piece of advice is to love the new body and role that you have as a parent. I struggled to come to grips with myself as a sexual being post-baby, and my sex life suffered as a result. Even though my husband still saw me as the powerful, sexy woman he fell in love with, I could not join the idea of motherhood with womanhood in my mind until I began to appreciate my body as it was. I hope that other mamas remember that they are still the woman they were before baby.

    I decided to be more open with my affection towards my husband because I love that man and my children should know.

  • Love Outside the Box

    Kids are naturally curious and shame-free, so our reactions to their curiosity will tell them how they are expected to react. I’ll never forget the day we decided to take our 5-year old into Good Vibrations with us as we made a quick stop to get lube. Curious about all the colorful and oddly shaped objects lining the room, she picked up a purple butt-plug from the display… and put it on her nose! We all laughed uproariously. It seemed to disconcert some of the other customers to have her there, but we just calmly explained to her that that’s a toy for adults only, and no, that’s not where it goes. :^) Having no need for further information, she quickly lost interest and moved on.

    We always tried to gauge her needs and comfort, and as she got older and overheard us talking about sex-related topics (which as relationship coaches and educators happened with some frequency), she’d sometimes ask us for more information. We got so we’d reply with “it’s a sex thing; do you really want to know?” To which the answer was, more often than not, “no,” though occasionally she’d want to know more, and we’d answer.

    One positive benefit of the early exposure to the clean, sex-positive environment of Good Vibes was that when the time came for her to be interested in acquiring her own vibrator, she was comfortable going back there with me to pick one out. It wasn’t a scary, icky, or shameful experience — though she was far more shy about it at 13 than she’d been at 5! (No butt plugs on the nose this time. *chuckle*) By then she’d forgotten all about the trip at age 5, other than the message that sex was a part of life, just like everything else. Maybe not something to talk about with just anyone (if *they* seemed uncomfortable), but still, not something to hide or be ashamed of. I considered her relative comfort on that trip to be an indicator of my overall success in not passing on my own crazy, repressive sexual upbringing to my daughter. 🙂

  • AirialClark

    Congratulations Melissa!!! You won the random drawing!!!! email me at to claim your prize!!!