Summer Classes and Workshops!

I’m so excited to finally be able to start doing this work live and in person!

Following the phenomenal success of my session at OpenSF in June, and my beyond-kick-ass sapiosexual storytelling for Carol Queen’s Birthday Bash at Bawdy over the past weekend, I’m co-teaching a class on exploring polyamory in July and have a series of parenting workshops in August!

This Friday, July 27, I’ll be bringing the parent perspective to Julianne Carroll‘s “Radical Polyamory” workshop for the Metta Dance event at The Center in SF. In addition to our workshop there will be 4 DJ’s spinning house music, live painting, raw food tasting and tea service all for $15. Metta Dance is a really dynamic organization. Their events are multi-dimensional to say the least. All of their events are alcohol free and designed to inspire community and connections with lots of space to dance and chill. I’m excited to be teaching there. You can get more info here!

And then next month, the weekend of August 25-26th is my first series of sex-positive parenting classes! A series of 4, 90-minute interactive workshops with the overarching title of Sex-Positive Parenting; Strategies and Support for Families. Each workshop is stand alone with a specific focus, but taken together are a comprehensive curriculum. Advanced tickets can be purchased here:

If I get enough donations, I’ll be able to start the teleclasses in August too! Please think of donating now!

Also, I’ve got a Quick-Start Guide to Sex-Positive Parenting PDF/Audio Book on it’s way out soon!

Thanks for all of your support!!!

Summer Classes and Workshops!