Stuff your own Stocking

It’s always nice to buy presents for your loved ones. It’s also really nice to buy something for yourself.

Here’s your sex-positive parent assignment: buy yourself a sex toy. Something that only you know you would like. If you’ve got a store nearby, stop in and say I’m here to indulge myself. If you’re far away from a store- or just not comfortable going to a sex shop- there are a lot of online options.

Also, did you know Walgreens carries ‘personal massagers?’ not kidding. Grab your winter vitamins, laundry detergent and a vibrator! There’s a review of the new Trojan vibrator over at True Pleasures if you’d like more information on exactly what is available over the counter.

Really, it’s ok to stuff your own stocking this year.

Stuff your own Stocking
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