I have this sticker on my laptop, it says, “You Are Loved” and originally it was for the benefit of my fellow coffee shop dwellers, typing away on their own laptops. I imagined how nice it might be for someone

My Gifts

When I was a kid I was labeled as gifted. This was the year I went to an elementary school around the corner from my grandparents house, the same elementary school my dad went to. I even had the same

Yes ALL Women

I am so sad for the families mourning their children right now. I would be a complete mess if either of my sons lives were cut short in any circumstance. I’m so excited for them to grow up and begin

Horse Stance

When love takes you by the hand and asks you what you are afraid of… how quickly do you answer? And do you trust the answer that slips from your lips the fastest or is it the truth lingering in

Chipped China

My 14 year old is doing the dishes and says, “Mom? Shouldn’t we throw this coffee mug away? It’s chipped.” “I like the chip in it! It’s shaped like a heart! It’s a love mug!” I tell him. “Besides, that’s

I’m so charming…

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” — Clementine Paddleford Brief transcript of conversation I had with my mom yesterday: Me: I used to be so charming when I was younger, mom, now I’m just irritated all