Shades Magazine and Sex Positive Media

“We live in a culture that puts so much pressure on women to box themselves in. We’re taught that there is too great a cost for us to indulge in questioning and exploration, that time is of the essence, that our sex drives are based upon family and emotion, that we need to hurry up and accept what’s offered to us so we can get busy taking care of the needs of everyone else in our surroundings.

“It’s not just some women that are told this; it’s all women.”

Shades February CoverThe above is part of a written word piece by Airial Clark (published in our current issue) that provides a taste of what this month’s cover story is about – sex, sexuality and how we as women view it.

Often still a taboo topic, shades wants to begin a dialogue on what sex positivity is and how we can teach our younger women what it means to “Loving Thy Self.”

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Shades Magazine and Sex Positive Media
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