Moments of yes

News flash #1: My research protocol was accepted! No revisions were required and it is exempt from further oversight. Which means my English degree was worth every minute because I am a bad-ass punctuater. (yes, I just improperly conjugated the word punctuate, but English is a living language so that is my right.)

News flash #2: My paper was accepted for presentation at my department’s end of year conference! This is my first time going through the formal process. The panels were announced today and I am super excited to be included with the second year cohort’s graduation presentations.

News flash #3: My lover is back from his travels! That was maybe the longest 3 and a half weeks ever. Fucking Hell. I am glad we didn’t permanently damage anything during his welcome home celebration. Funny, but home feels homier when he’s back in the 510.

News flash #4: The Bring Your Own Big Wheel race (while the best way to spend Zombie Jesus Day ever!) is not a fitting substitute for an easter basket full of chocolate and jellybeans… At least not in the eyes of my 9 year old. Lesson learned.

News flash #5: Speaking of the 9 year old, I threw him one helluva 10th birthday party. Maybe not as epic as the great squirt gun battle royale of ’07… but pretty damn close. And we got to see our Smythe fam, who we miss more and more each year.

News flash #6: My dad came for a visit. He bought us season passes to Six Flags for a cumulative birthday present. Yes, I’m turning 33 soon and a season pass to an amusement park still makes me smile ear to ear.

Ok, that is a lot of news. And all of it is good. Love when I can start my week listing all of the amazing moments of yes from the weekend.

Moments of yes
  • Barbara

    Many moments of yes because you are just that amazing :). You’re in the big leagues hun, enjoy to the fullest! Happy belated birthday to your darling!

  • airial

    You are too sweet, Thanks Mz. B!