Melting the Mirror Ball

The inviting shield of mosaic interaction
That hid her soul from rejection
The shiny orb of fractal distraction

Convinced a disco could be her protection

Always exciting, that sparkle and shimmer

Dazzle them, dizzy them, keep them off kilter

Never comfortable with direct attention
Her love seems to go in every direction
Never quite sure about her intention

So much generous affection
So easy to lavish with adoration…
How many fell for their own reflection?
Their love more evidence of rampant self absorption
Why were they amazed at the strength of the connection?

They chase that which retreats
and away she turned over and over
to the thump of a bass and the pulse of a beat
and the soothing song of aloof seduction
She’s tired of being above it all
Removed while still at center

She’s going to melt the mirror ball
Yet it takes a lot of power
Breaking down that polymer
the strongest glue is used
to keep those shiny bits together

She’s scared of being wrong
She’s scared she’ll be alone
She’s scared she’s not enough
She’s scared to hate who she’s become
She’s scared of self discovery
But more afraid to keep spinning

She’s melting the mirror ball
No longer needs to twirl
She longs to view herself unadorned
Stop  reflecting the light

She’s melted the mirror ball
and found that she
shines from within.

Melting the Mirror Ball