Behold! The Power of Jars (or Happy 2014)

I am always so happy at the change of the year. Goodbye 2013, fucking hell what a frienemy of a year.

When I look ahead to 2014, I see jars. Yes, big beautiful jars. This year I fell in love with jars. So maybe 2013 can be seen as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 2014 it’s gonna get deep.

First thing, the boys and I are starting a “Winning Jar.” It’s a jar on the shelf with a pretty ribbon wrapped around it. Every time one of us experiences something awesome, we right down the date and the event on a slip of paper and drop it in the jar. On this day next year, we’ll dump it out and read all the slips of paper. Super excited about it. The first thing I’ve written:

Happy 2014 sweethearts! I hope you love the hell out of yourself and the ones closest to you. I hope love comes pouring into you and out of you so you’re awash in the process of loving all the time.

Secondly, thanks to a generous friend I’m starting to brew my own kombucha. Not only will this save me a ton of money BUT I’m going super woo with this one and labeling the jar of each batch with a special intention. Here’s my scooby:Scooby


The first batch for 2014 has the intention of heart healing. It’s hard to admit having a broken heart. Especially when it’s a familial wound. 2013 was a bit of a battle year. And I feel like I’ve come out of it triumphant but the wounds are there. When you open your heart some tearing can occur.  I don’t want them to scar, so I’m treating them with a salve of self care and mindfullness. I love myself so much. Seriously. I love me and it has been a hard won love. I have earned my own hand over and again. So the first batch is heart healing. I’m not sure what the next batch will be, I’ve got 3 weeks to think about it.

Yes, behold the power of jars. All my hopes for the year to come, alive in jars tucked in corners and on shelves in our home. I hope my unconventional traditions inspire you create some for your family too!


Behold! The Power of Jars (or Happy 2014)