Balancing Acts

…as in the actions that balance us. The gives and takes that lightens our burdens or increases our strengths. The movement that keeps us centered.


Every Equinox I post something about the beauty of balance. Just like how at every Solstice I write about the thrill of submersion. I’m a day late for the Spring Equinox, but that’s ok. Writing has been hard lately. A friend said it’s ’cause I’m percolating. So I’m giving myself permission to just feel and breathe and be in my body without the fear that if I don’t spend x amount of hours a day writing, all my good lines will slip away. The Equinox serves as a moment of reconciling. What is off? What is there too much of and not enough? What am I avoiding or what am I over indulging in?

I feel like my career and my family are always the heaviest priorities, that my physical strength kind of gets ignored. I’ve got a solid year of stress stored inside of me. Time to sweat it out. It’s a little scary. But fears exist to be conquered. On the night of the Equinox I met up with another single mama friend who is also a bad ass personal strength trainer. We’ve set up a weekly schedule and her enthusiasm to see what my body is capable of has me curious too. She’s perfect. I’m also so very grateful that I can afford to pay her. Moving money from one mama to another always feels good.

By the Solstice I can see myself fully immersed in strength training. Part of the reason I think I’m tired of writing is that I’m tired of sitting! Really. Maybe by the next Equinox, I’ll be saying I need to set aside time for writing? That’s how it goes.


Balancing Acts