Autumn 2010

I love change.

I love the freedom to spin on the spot and go.

I love the ability to stand still,

for a moment,

just long enough to survey what is around me,

and listen.

A new beat,

a new rhythm,

enticing me away from the known,

the excitement of possibility

grinding against complacency,

resulting in that first

tentative step

toward the dark,

not yet illuminated with understanding.

Hearing a beat:

it grabs at my ear,

taps on my shoulder.

Feeling a beat;

inviting it inside me,

my heart receives

then responds in kind.

Following the beat;

acknowledging the pull,

body aligns with mind and soul,

first one step, then another,

seeking out the source.


this is Fall to me.

This is freedom.

To follow where the beat calls me.

Life is but a deep pulsing rhythm of courage and choice.

Autumn 2010
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